Alone: Acoustic EP

by Lex Land

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This "Alone EP" is the first installment in a series of forthcoming solo EPs- a special theme for each one. This one covers the time-span of the first three LEX LAND albums ("Orange Days on Lemon Street," "Were My Sweetheart to Go...," and the forthcoming "It Will Reveal Itself") as well as other tunes that never made the cut to the actual albums. These are the rawer, softer, and sadder versions, and, really, sort of the truer ones.

*some songs contain explicit lyrics


released July 7, 2017

This album is a solo acoustic album, performed entirely live in a room by Lex Land, alone, in Austin, TX.



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Track Name: Havana
I know I hurt you deep
but right before I fall asleep
I see you at the end of a hallway
and I just keep walking on the other way
despite you calling me to stay
it's a new thing

and I know I killed you slowly
but I know what I did was right
it doesn't mean I don't miss ya
and right before you fall asleep on a Monday night
I hope you don't see me leaving your arena

I know everything I said wasn't stand-up
maybe we could still meet in a dream sometime, in Havana

and it was my fault in the first place
that I dragged you into that headspace
dinner on the table, kids, a wife at your feet,
but you always knew my plans were larger than the
biggest backyard we could ever have had
on Olive Street

and you blew through my mind like a summertime cyclone
and you bore into my soul worse than the quietest night alone
and how could any of us have foreseen
much less you or me
I'd end up being the hurricane
that could tear your heart away

and I know everything I said wasn't stand-up
maybe we could still meet in a dream sometime, in Havana
Track Name: How Often?
Why do I feel like I'm giving something up?
Closed window, open door.
Even his writing looks like mine.
Somehow I've hit the floor.

Taking a chance when I'm not sure
on something new
but will he tell me I possess every quality
he'd ever looked for in another human being too?

How often does this come around?

And he said, "you're the unobtainable."
And now I'm the enemy, 'cause I couldn't decide, and he said,
I knew from the minute that I sat down next to you that you could
never, ever be mine.

Taking a shot, get myself off of this silver screen
but will anyone else ever tell me just how much they feel it means?

How often does this come around?
how often will I feel this found?
how often will I hear the sound?
how often does this come around?
Track Name: Saddest Little Secret
My friends said they saw you, but you didn’t ask about me,
And when they asked me what we came to,
I said I didn’t know, exactly.
But it’s nothing really, right?
I barely knew you…
Just came and went through my life like they usually do,
So it’s my saddest little secret
That I keep clinging to.

Maybe it’s better this way- to not have to hear you make
The promises the others only ever seemed to break.

I know I didn’t know you long, but it meant a lot that we did meet.
Can’t help but hold my breath, and hope, sometimes,
I might still pass you in the street.

‘Cause I know I’m not the same,
Something of you still remains,
And that’s my saddest little secret
I’m gonna keep on clinging to!
And since I have nothing better to do,
And it’s all that I have left of you…
My saddest little secret,
I’m gonna keep on clinging to.
Track Name: End of the Line*
I can’t help it, I can’t hide it
It’s been decided. I can’t deny it.
When I see so much at stake,
I’ll run toward it ‘til I break
And you just so happened to be at the end of the line this time.

Your reasons were warranted, your concern implied,
The night I slept next to you, honey,
Something inside of me died.
So I took it as a sign- it’s just a bridge that I’ll cross in time
And you just so happened to be the one to draw the line

I don’t know if I get it, ‘cause the way we talk would suggest
This is more than you’d like to pretend.
I get a feeling, though, these days are just a providential means
To an unforeseeable end.
I’m not confused - ‘cause I don’t think there’s more than one way to read into
These things that you do, but really who
Shouldn’t involve himself with whom?

Fuck bad timing. I should’ve known
I can’t help somebody else up if I can’t stand on my own.
Still- is it hard to believe you’ve given me hope,
After all the light on me you’ve shown,
That someone like you might just be
At the end of the line for me?
Track Name: The Way It Was Before*
Let him be, let it go.
You can’t say anymore that he doesn’t already know.
Fall asleep in the center of your bed.
Put the sound of his laughter out of your head.
Stay up late at night pacing the floor.
It’s nothing new, just go back to
The way it was before.

Cook for one. You can start at eight.
If you must, you can fix a plate of something he might like,
Just in case he decides to call up late,
Askin’ if he can just come home to you tonight.
If not, there’ll be half as much to clean up,
And who really wants more?
It’ll be nice to go back to
The way it was before.

You don’t need anyone to say “good morning” to,
Or whisper to at night!
Those nightmares that never seem to go away
Don’t warrant a hand to hold yours tight!
Yeah, you’re just stupid for thinking
Anything this good could just for once go right.
Guess what? You’ll never run out
Of shit like this to write about.

So get good with him gettin’ gone,
After some time you’ll feel alright about moving on.
So what if your heart’s been shattered once more?
Aren’t you a pro by now at putting (most of) its pieces back?
I mean, you did it the last time,
And the time before (and the time before that,
And the time before that, and the time before that,
And the time before that, and the time before that,
And the time before that, and the time before that).
Track Name: Was It Really All That Bad?*
Let me know when you get to the gate
give me a call if you find you're running late so that I know
you're okay
don't you know you can come by anytime
have a couple drinks and talk deep into the night
if you ever need to get away
you're always welcome at my place.

I'm getting pretty cozy in our little life
play fighting on the couch and getting fucked up every night
it's not much but it makes the day alright
when it ends with you
I'll miss all the trouble that we tend to get in,
you know I love your best friends like they're my own kin
even if they don't care too much for me
or if they don't approve
that's just what I'll do

throw me in the pool while I'm in my kimono
one last time if you've gotta go
if you don't I promise I'll never
ask you for another ride
I know I'm not really ready for this to end so
before we can go back to being just friends
I may need a little bit of time
but please don't forget to write.
Track Name: My Fault. Your Mistake.
You gave me good steps to follow
and I wish I could fill your shoes
I wish the apple fell closer to the tree
You gave me a branch to perch on
but it's time for me to take control
this isn't about you, just gotta try life on my own

and when I see fathers proud and smiling
I choke from shame and grief
and only wish I could be a source for your relief
we've both done each other so much wrong
I've made mistakes too big to fix
and maybe regardless of what I'd like
we just don't mix

and if you knew about my songs
maybe this would mean something to you
the only thing I care about
the only thing I want to do
the only thing that sets me apart
the only thing that makes me me
slowly spelling out my heart
for everyone to read

I'm sorry that I hurt you
and I'm sorry that I let you hurt me
but your little girl
is gonna change the world
you'll see...
you'll see.