On "Sweet," Lex struggles to reconcile two seemingly dominant, yet conflicting personality traits.


I know I may seem tough
and that I can play rough
I may seem like I've got one point of view
but really I can be sweet too.

I can fight, and I can curse
but I can still find loneliness worse
I may seem a wisp of apathy
but really I can be sweet too

I can put you down just as much as I can lift you up
I can take from you as easily as I could give too much
I could brush your hair out of your eyes
and I could hold you close
and I could sing for you alone when all the lights are low...

I wanna be married in a church.
Not right now, but sometime soon.
I may seem impenetrably hard,
yet, really, I can be soft too!

And I wish I didn't think that you'd be good for me,
or that I'd be good for you
I may seem to be a sad pessimist,
but, oh, I can dream too...

I wanna be married in a church,
and I wonder about my groom
I may seem impenetrably hard
but really I can be soft too!


from Orange Days on Lemon Street, released July 9, 2008



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Lex Land Austin, Texas

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